Dr. Rodrigo Galhego


Dr. Rodrigo Galhego


-Abdominal Wall Surgery Center of the Santa Catarina Network.

-Surgeon at Casa de Saúde São José.

-CEO of Talking To The Wall (Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery Course for Surgeons).

– Medicine Faculdade Souza Marques
– General Surgery Hosp Federal de Ipanema
– Videolaparoscopy Hosp Federal de Ipanema 
– Robotic Surgery Nicholson Center, Orlando FL

– General Surgery Specialist (CBC)
– Digestive System Specialist  (CBCD)

– SBH Member ( Brazilian Hernias Society)
– Member of the International Relations of AHS ( Américas Hernias Society)
– Member Holder of Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões.

Portuguese – English – Espanish



– General surgery 
– Digestive system 
– Abdominal wall hernias 
– Obesity and Bariatric 
– Videolaparoscopy and Robotic

Abdominal Wall Hernias

Groin Pain / Inguinodynia

Digestive System Surgery


Obesity Surgery Bariatric

Hiatal Hernia

Gallbladder / Cholecystectomy

Sports Hernias



Diseases of the Spleen

Robotic Surgery

colon tumor

Diseases of the Spleen


Talking to the wall



Ultimately, all hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscle or fascia. The pressure pushes an organ or tissue through the opening or weak spot. 


International Lectures

Dr. Rodrigo Galhego is one of the main brazilian speakers about abdominal wall hernias, attending congresses and courses in several parts of Brazil and the world.

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Dr. rodrigo galhego

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Dr. Rodrigo Galhego


Most of the cases, the patient’s clinic history associated with some physical tests, are enough to diagnostic the abdominal wall hernia, there is no need for other tests.

💢 When there is a doubt, some tests can be asked, like abdominal echography, which is the most common one.

👉 In some cases, a tomography is primordial, specially for incisional hernias and also for surgery planning. 

It all depends of the patient clinical condition, but most of the cases its possible to perform a double hernia procedure

💢 It’s quite common to have two hernias at once if you have a weakness in both sides of your groin area or congenital reasons.

The decision is taken in both sides’ agreement, the doctor and the patient. The bright side is

➡ The recovery process after a double hernia procedure is usually very quick.

The development of a hernia during pregnancy is not uncommon, because hernias are caused by an increase in abdominal pressure – in this case, pressure from a baby growing inside the uterus.

That doesn’t mean that every pregnant woman will develop abdominal hernias, but with pregnancy the risk is higher.

Most of the cases, abdominal wall hernias, don’t show any risk for the baby or the mother’s health, the delivery process does not become a problem.

💢 In case of large hernias, the doctor will suggest a special hernia belt is very helpful to apply a consistent pressure to an abdominal hernia, significantly reducing the pain associated with the hernia tissue.

If you have a hernia, and have plans to get pregnant, it’s very important to talk to your doctor to evaluate the right conditions in your case. 


There are types of abdominal hernias, inguinal, incisional, umbilical, they cause different symptoms to the patient. 

1⃣ – Abdominal pain:  It’s common to have discomfort in the abdominal area. The intensity of pain will depend on the size of the hernia, location and complications. 

2⃣ – Pain intensity when exercising:

For abdominal hernias, this means exercises or lifting routines that involve straining or pulling in the abdominal area are not recommended.

3⃣ – It looks like a bulge where you shouldn’t have one:

It may be visible sometimes but not in others. Some hernias are too deep to be visible from the outside, including femoral hernias and hiatal hernias.

The surgery it’s the only possible treatment for a abdominal wall hernia, and to adopt the very important careful measures:

It’s essential to have a completed healing to avoid any other disease 

 ➡ For abdominal hernias, this means exercises or lifting routines that involve straining or pulling in the abdominal area are not recommended.

1⃣ – Choose exercises that won’t strain the area where your hernia like:walking, swimming, jogging, gentle yoga, cycling

2⃣ – If you’re experiencing pain with your hernia, you may notice that the more intense the workout is, the worse your symptom gets. This is why if you’re experiencing this, it’s best to stick with less-intense workouts such as walking and jogging, and talk to your doctor. 

Before the abdominal surgery it’s very important to take some measures to avoid pain and discomfort. 

Some patients need to improve their health situation before being directed to the procedure.

-It’s very important not to lift any kind of heavy , exercising, that takes abdominal efforts, and to keep appointments with your doctor.  

-Those measures avoid pain and discomfort and reduce the risk of becoming a strangulated hernia.

Inguinal hernias must be repaired, to avoid that a section of bowel becomes trapped and its blood supply is cut off, after the doctor evaluation, considering the symptoms and the size of the hernia.

💢 The surgery is the only kind of treatment, and the safe method to avoid symptoms, pain and discomfort. the use of any other treatment like belts must be avoided and are not  effective.

Studies show that the risk for complication on |abdominal hernia patients are very low, but 70% of those patients develop symptoms as the time passes. needing surgery at some point.

The chance of an inguinal hernia causing any sort of sexual dysfunction issue is extremely low.

It’s very important to highlight that the inguinal hernia repaired, does not cause any kind of sexual side effects on men. 

 ➡ This is a rare complication that only happens in a Bilateral Hernia case. 

Trying to maintain an active lifestyle while dealing with a hernia can be difficult. People often wonder if it’s even safe to exercise with a hernia. Although it is posssing exercises and activities that won’t make your hernia worse

🏋‍♂ Trying to maintain an active lifestyle while dealing with a hernia can be difficult. People often wonder if it’s even safe to exercise with a hernia. Although it is possessing exercises and activities that won’t make your hernia worse.  

🏊‍♂ If you are experiencing bible, it’s important to first speak with a medical professional to be sure you’re having choo signs or symptoms of a hernia. Your first step should be to schedule a consultation with an experienced hernia doctor who can assess the severity of your hernia.

It’s best to stick to low-impact activities prior to surgery to avoid making your hernia worse. We suggest: Swimming, Walking, Light jogging, Gentle yoga, Cycling. 

Some people assume that just because they aren’t experiencing any significant or bothersome symptoms, the hernia they are suffering from must not be too big of a problem. Such a view may even lead these people to believe that ignoring the hernia is best.

Hernias will not go away on their own. If ignored or left untreated, they will only grow bigger and more painful. It’s best to take care of the hernia within the first six hours of recognizing a problem or noticing a lump

Left untreated, hernias can cause more serious complications. Intestinal blockage can occur when the herniated bowel is pinched and normal waste can no longer be passed. An incarcerated hernia means part of your intestine or abdominal tissue has become trapped in the hernia sac and you can no longer digest and process food regularly.


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